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Treatment of Tuberculosis

Project Ensuring Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis

Mumbai contributes to more than 10% of the country’s TB burden and has its own challenges in TB diagnosis due to high population density, constant migration, poor housing, crowded modes of transport and low health literacy levels. Early detection and timely and complete treatment of TB cases is one of the critical strategies to curb further TB spread. Niramaya Health Foundation creates awareness about Tuberculosis, its early signs and symptoms and importance of treatment compliance in the community. Precautions to be taken by family members of TB patients to avoid cross infections is also explained to community people. Niramaya works closely with government TB department to ensure early detection and management of TB cases. In year 2021-22, Niramaya Health Foundation supported Mumbai District TB department with CBNAAT Cartridges which are required for the detection of Pulmonary and Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis.

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