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CASE STUDY 1- Addressing child malnutrition through community-based interventions

Baby Priyanka Chendresh Jaiswar, 3 years old girl was resident of Jijamata Nagar slum, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was identified by Niramaya project team during child malnutrition assessment program. She was detected with severe acute malnutrition. Her parents were unaware of her low nutritional status. They informed about her recurrent health issues and infections. Niramaya project team supported Baby Priyanka with multivitamins and protein supplementation and de-worming tablet. Her parents were informed about her health and nutritional status. Various nutritious recipes were demonstrated to them so that they can cook healthy recipes at home and feed her on regular interval. Baby Priyanka was also enrolled under Government’s ICDS program through which she could avail nutritional supplements and take home ration. Niramaya project team ensured that Baby Priyanka completes her immunization as per schedule. Baby Priyanka and her parents were followed up and supported through various health and nutritional interventions. This resulted into improvement in her health status. Increase in her body weight was observed. Baby Priyanka started looking more active. Her issue of recurrent respiratory infection was also got reduced. After 9 months of rigorous health interventions, Baby Priyanka weighed in normal grade of nutrition.

There are many more Baby Priyanka in Mumbai slums who need such rigorous health interventions, who can come out of malnutrition and lead healthy life through our collaborative efforts. Your support and donation can help us to reach and help such babies to address their nutritional issues.

The Purpose

Over 33 lakh children in India are malnourished. More than half of them fall in the severely malnourished category with Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat topping the list, according to the WCD Ministry.

Malnutrition has severe health repercussions on the health of a child. Children suffering from severe malnutrition are nine times more likely to die in case of diseases due to their weakened immune system. Those suffering from moderate malnutrition are also at increased risk of morbidity and mortality during childhood.

As per NFHS-5 (National Family Health Survey 5-2019-20), 27.3% children under 5 years of age are wasted and 38% children under 5 years of age are reported to be underweight.

We are on the mission to improve the health and nutritional status of our children so that they can lead a healthy and responsible adulthood.