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— Registering as Volunteer at Niramaya

Please fill in the attached Volunteer Application form and email the same along with your brief Resume / CV / Bio profile to if you would like to volunteer with us, after going through the points given below:

  • Any person wanting to work as a volunteer with Niramaya has to send an official request by email stating all personal details and nature of the voluntary association. Such letter of intent should reach us at list six weeks prior to their volunteering. In case of coming through an institution, all details of institution and contact person at the institution should be given.
  • The Board of Director’s approval for all volunteers is necessary.
  • The period, nature of work, timings, days and responsibilities have to clearly write down and signed by the volunteers in a Performa of Niramaya Volunteer Program.
  • Where ever necessary some volunteers will have to bear the cost of the administrative expenses as decided by the board of directors. However, most volunteers will be associated without any monetary transactions.
  • Whenever if the volunteer is publishing any data gathered as a volunteer with Niramaya he/she will mention it and give due credit for the same.
  • Photography and video recording in any community will be done by the prior permission of Niramaya and the community people who will be photo covered.

Niramaya Health Foundation truly feels happy to have volunteers associated with it and look forward to long term relationship with them.