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Our Impact

Annual Impact of Year 2021-22

  • 13319 children were supported through Child Health and Nutrition Programs.
  • 82% recovery achieved among identified malnourished children. (Free from Malnutrition).
  • 100% Child immunization achieved as per Government of India‚Äôs Child Immunization Schedule.
  • 50 children got enrolled under ICDS scheme.
  • 575 pregnant women and 1160 lactating mothers were supported through antenatal and post natal care.
  • 60 high risk pregnancies were detected and managed to avoid complications.
  • 100% ANC registration and Institutional deliveries achieved.
  • 99.9% pregnant women completed two doses of TT Immunization and consumed Iron-Folic Acid Supplements for more than 100 days.
  • 180 pregnant women benefitted through PradhanMantri Matritva Vandana Yojana and Janani Suraksha Yojana.
  • 107 pregnant women enrolled under ICDS scheme.
  • 65% lactating mothers accepted Post-partum Family Planning.
  • 217 lactating mothers enrolled under ICDS scheme.
  • 6347 adolescent boys and girls were supported under Adolescent health and nutrition program.
  • 2111 adolescent girls were screened for Iron Deficiency Anemia.
  • 100% improvement achieved in severe anemic adolescent girls.
  • 3399 adolescent girls were supported under menstrual health and hygiene management program.
  • 5639 adolescent boys and girls covered though Life skills Education program.
  • 13853 women were supported through various women health programs.
  • 3063 women received gynecological services.
  • 2741 women were screened for cervical and breast cancer.
  • 3311 couples accepted Family Planning methods.
  • 1,10,000 community people were educated through awareness sessions and Community events.
  • 7139 Community people received clinical/curative services.
  • 226 Niramaya Peers and 682 Government and non-government stakeholders were sensitized and involved in project activities.
  • COVID Relief:.
  • 200 COVID positive patients were supported with Dry ration and hygiene kits.
  • 1860 parents of malnourished children supported with 2 doses of COVID 19 vaccination.