Nutrition Week Celebration – 2015


The nutrition week was celebrated with various activities such as focus group discussions, role plays, educational games, etc with adolescents and women by our health workers in the Bandra community areas. On the last day – 19th September 2015, a huge event has been organized to add colors to the entire week’s celebrations. The event was celebration in collaboration with i-volunteers – Ms. Jayita and team with the aim to accomplish participatory activities for Tata communication employees and Aatmdarpan project beneficiaries. Organized activities included poster and collage making and ‘Kuch kar dikhana hai’ – a group activity. These activities were focusing on creating awareness regarding healthy living and including nutritional diet in the routine through sharing knowledge by TATA volunteers with adolescents adopting various mediums such as songs, dances, skits, play, poster, magazines, news paper, posters, etc.

The program started with a brief introduction about Aatmdarpan project activities which helped in understanding the program to volunteers who were present. A small introduction was given by each of the volunteers about themselves and their expertise. Around 135 adolescent and 20 women beneficiaries had been the part of an event. They were gathered at a huge hall near the ‘Aarogyamitra Kendra / Health Resource Centre’. There was an active participation from both; the volunteers and adolescent beneficiaries. After the introduction, the beneficiaries were divided in 10 groups with two volunteers in each group. This was done to facilitate the communication and to inculcate knowledge in adolescents.

Each group was given Poster/Collage making on Nutritional diet and presenting the same as a first activity. Volunteers were guiding beneficiaries to make either poster or collage which is based on the nutrition or related topic. All the groups created attractive, innovative and informative posters and collages.

The next activity was “Kuch kar dikhana hai” another group activity with an objective of creating awareness through songs, dances, and skits. Volunteers in each group were given a task of engaging adolescents with various health related topics such as, ‘Attraction, Love, Friendship and Affection; Good touch & bad touch; Balance Diet; Addiction, etc and perform the same in an innovative way through either songs, dances or skits. Each group had 15 to 17 participants and majority of them prepared skits with the guidance of volunteers and all the groups performed very well. Awareness and participation of all 135 adolescents were the major achievement of the event. This was very innovative way which simply helped to pass the desired information. It was nice to see happy faces at the end of day.

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