Convergence Meeting Report

Convergence Meeting Report

Community Integration & Dissemination Program

Dr Janaki Desai- Founder & Hon’ Director Niramaya Health Foundation and Mr Ganesh Khude- Glenmark Foundation

Niramaya Health Foundation with the support of Glenmark Foundation has been focusing on Andheri, Marol Pipeline community for tackling from Malnutrition, Sanitation and Immunization since last six years.

While working for the community we thought of “Community integration” which is designed to help persons to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency to live successfully in the community. For community involvement, some of the active community women were identified in this process who were working with Niramaya Health Foundation voluntarily as community volunteers “PEERS”

While achieving the goals and objective of the program, these PEERS played a vital role by mobilizing community people for events, participation in project activities, accomplishing training programs, accompanied referrals, follow up with parents of the malnourished children, arranging stakeholder meeting at community spaces, motivating community people for good practices. These peers will ensure good health of community beyond project period.

As the 6 years long project come to an end in September 2018, The Dissemination Program was organizedon 29th August 2018 to converge these peers with the community based stakeholders and key influencers, so that peers will continue to get support of these stakeholders for community health development after Niramaya’s exit.

Dr. Janaki Desai, Founder and Honorary director, Niramaya and Mr. Ganesh Khude, Associate, Glenmark Foundation graced the event and appreciated the contribution of Peers and stakeholders for successful implementation of the project.

“Aarogya Sakhi Marg Darshika” (Peer Guide Book) was inaugurated and distributed among Peers which will be used as a ready reckoner by them. Peers were felicitated for their active involvement in the project activities and appealed to continue the same work after Niramaya’s exit. They also expressed their gratitude to Niramaya for the support.