Cleaniliness Drive


On 28th of July, a cleanliness Drive was organized in Sai Baba Nagar of Andheri by Niramaya Health Foundation, Aarogyasanvardhan Team. The main motto of organizing this cleanliness drive was to mobilize people of the area and make them aware about importance of cleanliness of their surroundings and to demonstrate the correct way of washing hands. The program started by 10:30 am, at first the Niramaya staff mobilized and oriented the people about need to keep surrounding clean. Initially only few community women and men had participated, looking at them several others joined the drive. People of every age were motivated to participate in drive. Young children had enthusiastically participated in drive.
At the end of the drive correct way of washing hands was shown to young children who had participated in the program. The technique of hand washing was taught to them using the song. The children loved the way the process was taught and has promised to use the technique and teach it to their friends.
BMC Garbage collection team also participated in the cleanliness drive along with the community and Niramaya staff. They were amazed to see the response and community participation at such a large scale. They were also happy to see that community has taken up the task of keeping their surrounding clean along with them.
Community people were obliged towards Niramaya staff and BMC staffs for making them understand the importance of cleanliness.