Rag picker Health Care Program

Drop –in Centre for recreational and educational needs
Immunization and injury care
Awareness on personal and environmental hygiene

The Rag pickers Healthcare Program caters to the health needs of rag pickers’ and their families living near dumping ground at Deonar, Mumbai. There is a mobile check-up van which provides curative care. This program has three components – curative care, health promotion and drop – in – centre for children and adolescents.

As a part of the health promotion activities, home visits are carried out by health workers to create health awareness among maximum number of residents. Besides motivating them to undergo curative services, emphasis is given on maintaining personal hygiene with minimum resources, de addiction and family planning.

A drop in center for children and adolescent boys and girls focuses on recreational, educational and vocational activities.

One of the great achievements of this program is acceptance of ‘Family Planning’. After providing effective and continuous health awareness sessions since 2008, rag pickers’ community women and men started accepting  family planning aids like Condoms, Cu-T, Depo- Provera Injections, Tubal ligation and Vasectomy which were otherwise  considered a taboo  Approximately 1383 community women and men availed these aids.

A Voice of Beneficiary

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