Aarogyasnehi Project

BCC- Increase health seeking behavior
Strengthen the utilization of Govt health services and mobilization
Peer Educators at community level

Aarogyasnehi project aims to strengthen the public healthcare system in identified PHC and dispensary. This project works in liaison with government public health system, strengthening the services at the centers and also community mobilization to the centers to avail the services. The main objective of this project are to Address Basic health needs and specialized services for the community, to provide timely medical intervention to address infectious diseases in liaison with Govt. health centers, to improvement in health status and so life expectancy of people, to increase health seeking behavior amongst community people.

Some of the project activities are;

  • Community Mapping,
  • Mobilization of community towards utilization of government health posts and dispensary services
  • Networking with Government Health System and Stakeholders
  • Organizing Community Health Sessions
  • Creating community Peers and training them on various health issues
A Voice of Beneficiary

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