Our Impact

Our Impact

Meera Devmohan Jha, a 38 years old woman participated in two yearly “sensitization training for peers” as a part of activity under the Arogyasanwardhan Project. She worked as a peer and participated in various activities.

The certificates of recognition were given to Meera for her completion of various trainings and excellent performance. On the basis of these certificates and the knowledge gained, she was able to get a job as a ‘Health Worker’ with Swasth India Foundation. She is very happy and is now able to support her family.

Aman Ahamad Sheikh is a smiling and sweet 5 years’ old 3rd child who is staying in Rafiq nagar area. From the time of birth, Aman was weak and was constantly ill. During the ‘First Intervention’, he was found to be severely (Grade IV) malnourished. Counseling was given to parents on malnourishment and other dietary and periodic interventions. During second follow-up it was seen that Aman was diagnosed with Jaundice. He was provided the complete medical course and was found to be having normal malnourishment range (Grade I).

Now parents have started adopting healthy dietary habits and there is a positive change in the overall health of Aman. Aman and his parents are thankful to Niramaya team.

Neeta Umareshi, a 20 years old girl residing at Raffique Nagar, is the 3rd child of her parents. Both of her parents are illiterate and fulfilling their family needs by rag picking and selling. During community awareness visit, Veena (Niramaya’s health worker) found Neeta is different and having dreams of uplifting her family financially. She desired job and for that she need basic preparation for interview. She got joined our Drop In Center (DIC). Over there, she learned basic computer and other knowledge regarding job preparation like how to face interview, General Knowledge, and Basic mathematics, etc.

Now she got job as a Health Worker in Mobile clinic. She is also encouraging her friends to join Niramaya DIC as she has become an inspiration for girls of her age. She is very happy as she has achieved her dream and now contributing financial help to her family.

A three year old Baby Palak was in severe Grade (IV) of malnutrition from Deonar Area. She had pulmonitis and recurrent infections due to lack of immunity. Both parents were working and having no time for Palak was found very difficult to reach. With the immense efforts and regular followed up by our health worker – Triveni, they visited our clinic. At the clinic they were counseled by our health workers and a Doctor. Interventions were provided along with Protein Powder and Nutritional Supplements for 3 months resulted in improved malnourished status (grade II).

Palak’s health improved gradually and was smiling and shining again! Her parents were grateful to Niramaya team and promised to look after Palak henceforth.

Smita Ajay Shivatkar, 36 years old Balwadi Teacher was a Peer Educator as a part of project activity under the Aarogyasanvardhan Project. She has worked for the betterment of community and helped towards community mobilization. The certificates of recognition were given for her excellent performance. She is now placed as Field Co-ordinator with MUMBAI SMILE ORGANIZATION.

She says, “Thank you Niramaya Health Foundation and Team for having such a great support and increasing my confidence level; you all strengthen me that led me to a really fantastic job opportunity. Now I am financially strengthening my family.”

Mrs. Jana Bhusare, 25 years old tribal woman joined Niramaya as a Health Worker. She was active and enthusiastic and trained in giving injections, IV fluids as there were no medical facilities available in those tribal areas. After intense training and practice, now she has got a job as a ‘Nurse’ with Lad Hospital, Nashik. She is happy with her achievement and able to support her family with confidence.